The goal of the NLP industry track is to bring together researchers, practitioners, analysts, and consumers and to achieve knowledge transfer across the boundaries.


In recent years interest in practical natural language processing applications has intensified from an industrial perspective.

Among others, some examples of NLP applied to business needs are:

  • Construction and use of Language Resources (extraction and acquisition of knowledge, use of ontologies, etc)

  • Language Resources in systems and applications (information extraction, information retrieval, audio-visual and multimedia search, speech dictation, meeting transcription, Computer Aided Language Learning, training and education, mobile communication, machine translation, speech translation, summarization, web services, semantic search, text mining, ...)

  • Analyzing linguistic properties for Text Categorization and Clustering

  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining for smart Brand Monitoring and Big Data Analytics

  • Use of Machine Translation to reduce localization time and/or cost

  • Portal search using Natural Language

  • Integrating NLP techniques to enhance eLearning

  • Virtual Assistant products able to process Natural Language

  • Assisting human interaction with Natural Language Understanding techniques

  • NLP to process multimedia information and multimodal communication

  • Online services using Open-source NLP tools

The SEPLN Industry track aims to bring together industrial participants to present current tools, systems, and ideas for the application of natural language processing in real settings. We invite proposals highlighting how natural language processing techniques have been implemented in real systems, services, or demonstrator. We welcome papers discussing for example the maturity of the solutions (strength and limitations), efficiency, need for further research, business opportunities, etc.

Contributions should have:

 ·         a title;

 ·         should be 4 pages long (including references)

 ·         the names and affiliations of the authors.


Deadline for papers: 10th April 2014

Notifications: 26th May 2014
Camera Ready: 7th June 2014


Authors of accepted papers will give an oral presentation in a focused session at the conference.

Sociedad Española de Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural



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