• The main goal of "OpenMT" project is the development of Open Source Machine Translation Architectures based on hybrid models and advanced semantic processors. These architectures will be open-source systems combining the three main Machine Translation frameworks -Rule-Based MT (RBMT), Statistical MT (SMT) and Example-Based MT (EBMT)- into hybrid systems. Defined architectures and results of the project will be Open Source, so it will allow rapid development and adaptation of new advanced Machine Translations systems for other languages. We will test the functionality of this system with different languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Basque; so we will evaluate such architectures in different contests. There are many corpus resources for English and Spanish, but not so many for the remaining languages. While the structure of some of those languages is very similar (Catalan and Spanish), others are very different (English and Basque). Basque is an agglutinative and regular inflecting language, unlike English, Catalan and Spanish.

    The main innovative points of OpenMT project are:

    The design of hybrid systems combining traditional linguistic rules, example-based

    Open Source System.

    The use of advanced syntactic and semantic processing in MT.

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