MT - Machine Translation


    The MT group started in 2002 and since then it is highly contributing to making the dream of automatic translation more realistic. In the framework of national and European projects (TC-STAR, MOLTO, FAUST, ALLIES), the TALP is developing its own system -- initially based on statistical machine translation and recently on neural machine translation -- to attain improved perfomance over state-of-the-art constantly. Spanish, Catalan and English are the priority languages, but activities are also being carried out in other European languages, Mandarin and Arabic. The TALP’s translation system regularly undergoes assessments by international organizations and has obtained similar results to existing systems.

    Moreover, joining other TALP and UPC expertises, the latest advances in speech recognition, synthesis and image processing make it possible to undertake speech translation or multimodal translation. The MT group is working on all these novel applications that are evolving quickly enough to foresee systems in production in the near future.

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